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Fun and Adventurous Activities in and around Ijaba Lodge

Ijaba Lodge at Buschfeld Park is at the heart of the Kunene Region of Namibia. Staying with us offers you a wide range of opportunities to explore our culture and get in touch with the natural environment unique to our region.


Wildlife Viewing

You may see the region’s wildlife come to drink from a hidden area at our watering hole. A one-hour game drive will take you to view hyenas, ostriches, gazelles, lions, giraffes, and zebras. Our off-site activities also provide you with a glimpse into the Namibian wildness of Etosha National Park.

Bird Watching & Hiking

Take a walk on our simple and safe routes and enjoy the serenity of the forest. You will get to discover the extraordinary flora and animals of Namibia’s wildness. The region is home to approximately 300 species of avians, making bird viewing an excellent activity for both novice and experienced bird watchers or just book our Tree-of-Life-Tour and discuss your impressions during an exceptional Bush-Breakfast.



The exquisite artwork that decorates the rooms and reception area at Ijaba Lodge is inspired by the beauty of the natural environment. We provide painting and art classes regularly to produce your masterpieces. In the past, we have welcomed the famous artist Bodo Meier from Germany to share his knowledge. Other well-known authors visit to connect with our visitors and impart comprehensive information about our culture, people, and history to assist you in your exploration.